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The umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell (The umbilical cord MSC)

The umbilical cord MSC is the most significant anti-aging stem cell, can youthlize the cells of the whole body, prevent cardiovascular diseases, recover the skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, enhance memory ability and male sexual function, strength flexibility, full your body with vitality.

Autologous blood stem cell

Treatment for atopic dermatitis, gastrointestinal disease, menopause and whole body youthliztion. 

The oriented umbilical mesenchymal stem cell (The oriented umbilical MSC)

To offer different diseases the oriented umbilical MSC treatment, such as autoimmune diseases, cerebrovascular accident, degenerative disease, etc..

“Our surgeons offer different stem cell treatment plans according different health requirements.”

What is umbilical mesenchymal stem cells

The umbilical cord refers to the nutrient delivery pipeline connecting the baby and the placenta. It is different from the cord blood, the umbilical cord contains another abundant stem cell called "mesenchymal stem cell", which can differentiate into various tissues and organ cells, including heart, nerve and cartilage. Hard bones, muscles, skin cells, etc. The study also found that mesenchymal stem cells can activate the body's regenerative function and regulate the immune system. It is a pluripotent cell.

Why do we choose umbilical mesenchymal stem cells?

Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are advantageous over other stem cells types for a variety of reasons. First, they avoid the ethical issues that surround embryonic stem cell research.

Second, repeated studies have found MSCs to be Immune characteristics, which make them an advantageous cell type for allogeneic transplantation. MSCs reduce both the risks of rejection and complications of transplantation, increased safety in treatment.

Third, there have been advances in the use of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells to regenerate human tissues, including cartilage, meniscus, tendons, and bone fractures, because MSCs can exert regenerative effects through homing to sites of damage, paracrine signaling, regulating immune responses, and positively affecting the microenvironment.More than 880 umbilical cord clinical studies are underway, and many studies have shown that umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells can be used in organ repair and regenerative medicine, anti-aging medicine and other fields.



We need 10 days to prepare your STEM CELL , Your treatment takes two days


  • Prohibit any form of alcoholic beverages 48 hours prior to cell therapy injection.

  • Smoking or reduction is prohibited 7 days before cell injection.

  • Do not expose X-rays, microwaves or any other form of electromagnetic energy for 3 days before cell therapy injection.

  • Guests should not be vaccinated 4 weeks prior to the injection of cells (eg varicella vaccination, etc.).

  • It is recommended to perform mild to moderate daily physical activity (such as walking or aerobic exercise) at least 3 days before the injection, and do not overwork.

  • If there is a significant physical infection (such as a sore throat, an infection-related urinary problem, or infectious diarrhea), you should inform the medical staff.

  • No need to fast before cell therapy, it is recommended to take a light diet, less oil and less salt.



We need your blood test to evaluate the recommended treatment plan